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Hardware Training Institute in Surat

Hardware training institute in Surat

A+ is a basic level course on computers.
The course aims to give a basic understanding of computers for beginners and novices.
Being vendor neutral, A+ course prepares students to work with different products from different manufacturers.
The main objective of the course is to cover the topics and objectives that are essential for CompTIA certification.
The course is dedicated to providing students with the in-depth knowledge and experience required for a student to complete a CompTIA certification.

Techradix believes in classroom-led training for better understanding.
The A+ forms a part of Techradix’s IMS course structure which provides an overview of the basic understanding of how computers work.
A+ is considered as the first step to learn the unique IMS Stack of Techradix.
Today’s industry is skill based, and recruiters are looking for the professionals with multiple skills, and our course structure covers skills that are much required for employ-ability.

Hardware 220-901

Computer fundamental
PC hardware
RAM configuration and installation
Expansion card and processes or installation & configuration
Understanding power supply
Storage device
Display device
Portable computer & components
Internet using portable computer
Understanding printer & scanner installation and configuration
Operation procedure
Communication & professionalism

Hardware 220-902

Fundamentals of operating system
Installation of OS
Operating system command tools
Operating system tools & utilities
Disk management
Windows control panel & feature
Preventive maintained & security computer safety best practices
Mobile device & network configuration
Mobile security & data syn.
Troubleshooting concept
Hardware troubleshooting
Hardware tools
Troubleshooting operating system
CompTIA practical preparation

Apart from Techradix’s Certification, also get prepared for globally recognized certifications like:

Comptia A+ 220-901
Comtpia A+ 220-902