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OSEP Course in surat


OSEP Course in Surat


PEN-300 is an advanced course designed for OSCP-level penetration testers who want to develop their skills against hardened systems

Preparation for more advanced field work
Knowledge of breaching network perimeter defenses through client-side attacks, evading antivirus and allow-listing technologies
How to customize advanced attacks and chain them together

Operating System and Programming Theory
Client Side Code Execution With Office
Client Side Code Execution With Jscript
Process Injection and Migration
Introduction to Antivirus Evasion
Advanced Antivirus Evasion
Application Whitelisting
Bypassing Network Filters
Linux Post-Exploitation
Kiosk Breakouts
Windows Credentials
Windows Lateral Movement
Linux Lateral Movement
Microsoft SQL Attacks
Active Directory Exploitation
Combining the Pieces
Trying Harder: The Labs

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